A Young Man Took To A Facebook Group(Rant HQ)To Give His Wife Some Special Accolades!

    Giving praise to your partner publicly has the ability to pay massive dividends in your relationships. "Some times we need to give tributes to our spouse infront of their friends and families... Thank your spouse because they care,not because it's their job. Acknowledge their contributions and appreciate them in Private and Public. This will help today's marriages become strong and healthy. A person who feels appreciated will always do more.

    The Proud Young Man posing with Dear wife/Rant HQ
    The Proud Young Man posing with Dear wife/Rant HQ

    In today’s world where Domestic Abuse/Violence is gradually becoming a prevalence,and where Husbands hardly praise their wife’s for being helpful and supportive in the marital fronts,The Case of this Marriage appears different as this young man stood tall by coming out on a popular Facebook Group(Rant HQ) to express his appreciation over what his dear wife did after his landlord came to their home to embarrass them in the open for not paying their rents in time.

    In a period like this where some weak husbands are using their wife’s as punching bags,heating and killing women daily over little domestic issues,we need more men like this who will come up to give their wife’s some accolades even on social medias so their “gender” will have some good marriages to emulate from.The simple truth is this”When we praise our spouses over their little efforts/supports in our marriages,they’ll always want to do something more just to get more of that accolades,This is a normal human/animals feelings of satisfactions during praises.

    We all know some powerful women out their who do more than this daily, but their husbands will never give them even bedroom accolades.

    According to the post,this Proverb 31 wife had some private savings right inside her home her husband had no clue about,the husband said immediately the Landlord left their home,His wife called him inside and brought out an old metal contribution box and asked him to break it open,he did and to his amazement found some money tucked inside the funny box, This should serve as a good example for most women who do not bother to have private savings to learn from,and to some house wife’s who will stop at nothing to consume their husbands salaries over night,sometimes over shopping’s they do  not need and items they wont use year after year.

    ”We all know bringing down Gods Glory is only by praises and worships,even more than prayers,we provoke the spiritual realm when we praise God,Sometimes even before our blessings.
      Just like praising God is full of benefits,it also applies to humans because every human is living with Gods DNA.(Humans are created with the image and likeness of God)
      We get more when we appreciates and praise more.

    attached below is an except from the social media post and comments from group members who appreciated the wife and some who had some reasons why wife’s should not assist their husbands to pay bills.



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