The Patriarch Of Jackson’s Family, Joseph Jackson Dies At 89 Of Pancreatic Cancer!

Joe Jackson has died, aged 89. The music manager and father to 11 children, including pop superstar Michael and Janet Jackson, was being cared for in a hospital in Las Vegas. Jackson was said to be in the final stages of terminal cancer. He had previously suffered a stroke in São Paulo in 2015, along with a number of heart attacks.


The Patriarch of Jackson’s family,Joe Jackson Dies at 89 Of Pancreatic Cancer!

Joe Jackson passed away at the age of 89 of stage four pancreatic cancer
The Great Grand Patron who lived in Las Vegas, died on Wednesday in hospital after a long battle with stage four pancreatic cancer.

Few days ago Joseph Jackson made his last emotional twits on his twitter handle.

His death comes just two days after the anniversary of his son Michael Jackson’s death nine years ago.
His death was confirmed on social media by some of his family, including his daughter La Toya Jackson.


In one of his final interviews in March he described how watching his children become world famous had been the happiest moment of his life.
 All of my family is famous and known everywhere, and they’re known all over the world,’ he said during an interview at the Elton John  2018 AIDS Foundation party
He also shared his dying wish, that his family would ‘keep it up’

The patriarch of the Jackson family led his children to remarkable success in the music industry, particularly son Michael and daughter Janet.

Final interview hinted at the notoriously tough training he put his kids through
When asked what it took to make a star he replied: ‘A lot of training which is hard’
‘These days kids want to play all the time. It’s OK for kids to play and be happy, but at the same time you have to think of the future,’ he continued.
His death comes almost nine years to the day that his son Michael passed away on June 25, 2009, and Joe said he wanted to hold through Monday.

Jackson and wife Katherine married in 1949 and had 10 children – one of whom died shortly after birth – but lived apart in later years. Jackson also had a daughter out of wedlock Joh’Vonnie, by Cheryl Terrell.



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